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You have Fun to play Games and maybe have some time for help us ? Great !!! Here you are right. Show below all the things were we actually need help. If new things are comming up I will post it in the Forum and also update this Site.

Be Part of our Community 🙂


You like to play a Match-3-Game and want to make a Video from each Level you solved without using any booster? Great … your welcome

You can choose a Game you want and then start playing. All what you need to record is your normal Phone or Tablet and a Computer. Then you connect your Device to the Computer and record the Screening of your Device.

For more help how to Capture please visit our Forum.

After Capturing the Video you send the Files to us and we publish them on our Match3News Youtube channel and integrate them here on the Site.

For more Infos and Questions … please contact us on the Contact Site.


You want to Test Games and write a Review. Fine. Just take contact with us and you can start. We send you then a few Informations.

Also if you have any questions about it – feel free to ask us.

“News-Reader / Poster”

You have some Time to surf around the Web?

You search arround for news and Infos about upcoming Match-3-Games and support us with posting Articles on our Site. You are welcome …

We also will make a Link-List in our Forum (only access for Supporter) where to find News … also help to make the list bigger will help us.