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Bubble Parrots: Bubble shooter

by Bear Games



Think and aim carefully to save baby-parrots! The evil crow kidnapped and imprisoned little cuties. Defeat the evil Crow by popping balloons and get the babies back to their parents.
Walk through the levels as they get more and more challenging. Use the power of Elements in your journey. Great boosters and bonuses will help you free the little parrots.


– 800+ levels with unique and tricky hurdles
– Huge selection of bonuses and combos
– Special boosters for your balloons
– Stunning graphics and adorable animations
– Very addictive gameplay and cool bonuses for beating levels

And more:

– Connect your Facebook and play with friends!
– Enjoy special events and rewards!
– Synchronize progress on multiple devices and platforms.

Visit our website http://www.beargg.com
“Bubble Parrots” on Facebook https://apps.facebook.com/bubbleparrots/

Gameplay Video

M3N Review

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